Improve Overall Performance with Employee Development and Training Programs

Choosing Whitepath Group’s small business HR consulting services ensures both legal compliance and improved efficiency within your company. We help develop your employees by first creating job descriptions that clarify their roles in your organization, then working towards the larger goal of aligning employees with overall business strategies – thereby increasing employee engagement, retention and performance.

WPG’s Employee Development Program is designed to establish performance management processes. Beginning with a thorough understanding of your organizational structure, job descriptions, and performance review process, we then provide recommendations for enhancements. WPG clearly establishes performance standards for each employee and job function. We’ll create job descriptions that document the responsibilities for each role, establish compensation standards, and create performance review forms and procedures. If we determine that your managers and supervisors require training, we’ll assist them in gaining the skills necessary to be more effective team leaders. We also provide recruiting services to screen prospective candidates and target only those applicants who meet the established criteria for each position opening so that your interviewing process is more efficient and effective.

Examples of Employee Development services we offer include

  • Customized Employee Development Solutions based on need as determined by WPG’s evaluation of company processes
  • Organizational Structure Development
  • Development of Job Descriptions
  • Establishment of Career Path Plans
  • Creation of Employee Performance Management Program
  • Training on Review Coaching and Systems
  • Payroll and Benefits Coordination and Management (see Payroll Management)