HR Recruiting Services

At WPG, we understand that one of the most important factors in a company’s long-term success is productive employees who have not only their own but also the business owner’s best interests at heart. Therefore, a primary goal of WPG’s HR Recruiting Services is to find, attract, and hire this type of employee using proven methods of recruitment.

This process starts with the development of accurate and clear job descriptions, then identifying the right pool of candidates, and finally by utilizing systematic screening procedures to ensure that your valuable time is spent interviewing and selecting only the best and viable candidates for your company.

Our HR recruitment process will be customized to fit both your needs and budget and can include strategies as simple as a local newspaper ad for an hourly position opening or as complex as a broad-reaching search for an executive level position.

WPG’s Recruiting Services address hiring concerns such as

  • Management of the recruiting and hiring process
  • Development and placement of local newspaper and/or online ads for position openings
  • Background and/or credit checks as needed
  • Confirmation of I-9 eligibility to work in the United States
  • Short-Term hiring for temporary employment needs or long-term hiring for ongoing needs
  • New-hire orientation