Short-Term and Long-Term HR Projects

Even the most well-staffed company with proficient human resources management systems in place can be faced with temporary HR projects that place a burden on internal resources. Rather than allowing these short- term projects to place undo hardships on your current staff, you can have WPG step in as long as needed with confidence that we will manage these stand-alone HR projects competently while your employees concentrate on the duties you hired and trained them to perform.

Examples of Stand Alone Projects include annual, semi-annual, or quarterly audits; employee training needs; important changes to existing software; transition to new software or computer server platforms;

WPG’s Stand Alone Project Services are customized based on your company’s needs but often include

  • Safety/OSHA Compliance Audits
  • Workers Compensation audits
  • Development of Employee Handbooks/Manuals
  • Employee training (annual or as-needed)
  • New Hire paperwork and reporting
  • Transition from an existing software to a new system
  • Special projects specific to your company or industry